Wedding receptions

Utah Wedding venue space

We can accommodate wedding receptions up to 250 people (flowing reception) when they are not all sitting down at once and 150 people if everyone is sitting down at the same time. Please call 801.466.0490 to schedule a tour or check availability.

Silver Reception Package - $1200 - PERFECT for a Wedding on Budget!

Tables, chairs & linens - Basic reception package comes with 10 round tables & 100 chairs. We will also provide you with 2 rectangular banquet tables to be used to food, beverages, 1 table for gifts/pictures, and 1 smaller round table for cake. 

  • Reception - 5 hours
  • Set up & take down is included (usually $100 fee)
  • Sound system - you can plug in your iPod & hire a DJ (usually $100 fee)
  • Planning meeting - 1-hour meeting to plan the reception
  • Decoration time - 1 hour before the reception


We will set up a black & white beautiful backdrop to add elegance to your special moment & change it to the reception when its time. Plus add 2 extra hours to your event. 

White linens for round tables and black linens for buffet tables available.

Bar set up & Security included. Bartender require for a minimum of 4 hrs (booked separately)

EXTRA TIME $100/hr 
Do you need more time to set up your party/ wedding? Add 2 hours of set up/ tear down

PROJECTOR SCREEN $20 Add a screen to the room to project images and video

Add Bride/ Groom rooms, or changing rooms. Maybe you just need more space (Cost Varies).